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I love good food-- whether it is fois gras or cheez-its.

Restaurants and other food experiences around Seattle or other places

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yodemasu asked: What are the main reasons why you enjoy living in Seattle just wondering :)?

I love the food culture, culture/aesthetic of the style and people here, and my friends are like family.

Harbor City - International District

One of my favorite dim sum places in town. There is a reason why people (including myself) are willing to wait 30 minutes to an hour to be seated. I feel like I’m there every other weekend.

Me and a few of my foodsters after a Sunday dim sum sesh. 

Serious Pie - Downtown

You haven’t had pizza till you try how Tom Douglas does pizza. There is a reason why he won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur last year and has been nominated for other categories for over a decade. 

The space is cozy and the tables are long enough for two smaller parties or one big group so you can become friends with your neighbors.

One of their seasonal drinks is a Spiced Cinnamon Pear-Cranberry Fizz. The only thing I thought about while drinking this was how good this would taste in the summer. It wasn’t overly sweet and actually had a slight, yet noticeable spice.

My personal favorite is the Sweet Fennel Sausage with Roasted Pepper and Provolone. It’s got a good kick to it. I’m a fan. 

8 oz Burger Bar - Capitol Hill

If Capitol Hill was a burger place, it would be 8 oz Burger Bar. Apart from the rustic feel and cozy atmosphere, the burgers are full of flavor, but don’t try to hard. Even our server was witty and engaging without fishing for tips.

Poutine is already pretty amazing, but imagine my excitement when I saw Short Rib Poutine. It was awesome, but definitely something to slip amongst more than just 2 people.

The two burgers that we split were the Jackson and the Pike.

The Jackson - house blend, charred onions, lettuce, fried green tomato, Gouda, smokey bacon mayo, BBQ sauce

The Pike - house blend, lettuce, tomato, habanero jam, pepperjack cheese, roasted corn salsa, aioli

They had me at habanero jam.

Smitten Kitchen

I love food. This is not a mere statement, but a fact. For how much I love food, I have to admit, that I can’t cook… very well. However, Smitten Kitchen is like having a hipster foodie friend tell you how to make tasty things. 

The creator of Smitten Kitchen is Deb and her recipes are not really instructions, but a narrative on the food you are going to make. It’s delightful. 

If you don’t believe me… LOOK AT THESE… mmmm.


That’s right. Apple Cider Caramels, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, Austrian Shortbread, AND Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats.



After 3 years of the love-hate relationship I had with my Crackberry, I moved on to an iPhone 5! Talk about a major upgrade! 

I’ve been pretty discouraged from taking pictures and blogging because of the grainy, undistinguishable pictures that my previous phone was so great at taking, but now my phone is great and I’m going to be that Asian taking pictures of her food. 

Long hair, don’t care. 

Missed blogging— now I’m back!

Be ready.


Macrina Bakery in Sodo.
Such amazing bread, sandwiches, and pasteries

Macrina Bakery in Sodo.

Such amazing bread, sandwiches, and pasteries

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The Skillet rocks my world. 

Those drinks were the Fresh Fruit Fresa — strawberry, lime, and basil

Dear Clay, 

Keep the team, we’ll keep the city.

Love, Seattle